1:1 Coaching: For people interested in making a difference in their personal and professional lives. Whether you're in a formal leadership position, starting your own business, or just feeling unsure of the direction you want to take. I will help you tap into your purpose, gain clarity and find the confidence to answer the call that you have heard but have been holding back. We will work together to clarify your vision for the future, set goals and outline a course of action for the results you seek. Sessions can be held face to face, over the phone, or on Skype.

Triad Coaching: Experience the power of coaching in 3's. Accelerate your learning and personal and professional growth when you engage in meaningful dialogue, set goals, develop strategies, practice giving and receiving feedback, and take your learning to the edge. This is an effective way to establish healthy, trusting supports at work, strengthen your social and emotional competence, and learn the art of feedforward (Marshall Goldsmith).

Team Coaching: Focus your team, tap into their individual and collective talents, understand and value diversity as a means to leverage your team's capacity to accomplish projects, enhance your team’s resiliency, and importantly, reframe conflict as a necessary and vital element for staying at the top of your game. Co-create a vision and define the core values that will focus your team and drive collaboration. Use action-learning projects to innovate and build individual and team competencies.

Leadership Development: For those who must shift their work culture, are implementing transformational change initiatives or have a business imperative that demands new ways of thinking and being in their leadership in order to succeed in this new Conceptual Age (Daniel Pink, 2006). We'll explore the leadership challenges you are facing right now and develop actionable plans to cultivate the specific behaviours you need to enhance or change in yourself in order to get the results you need.

Coaching Out of the Box: Workshops to enhance communication styles, empower and engage employees, and create a coaching culture.