First, Clarify Objectives

I help you identify what it is you want to change, for example an old behaviour that is getting in your way, learning a new skill, or accomplishing a specific project.

Second, Identify Drivers

Together we look at what is driving this need for change, what is the sense of urgency, what are the compelling reasons, and why now?

Third, Create a Vision

I work with you to define the future state, create a vision and get a clear picture of your desired end result.

Fourth, Clear Obstacles

Next, we examine your past successes and any obstacles including beliefs and fears that may be holding you back.

Fifth, Take Action 

I help you develop strategies for overcoming those identified obstacles and together we create goals and action plans with timelines that will drive your success. 

Sixth, Experiment and Reflect on Learning

A key leadership competency is reflective practice, this includes taking time out to contemplate and review, revise and adjust new thinking, behaviours and ways of being. We’ll celebrate accomplishments and make adjustments to your practice based on your experience gained over our coaching engagement.

Seven, Leverage Success

The secret to your success is to maintain momentum and to keep building on the accomplishments and learning you have acquired along the way. I help you to hold the focus so that you stay on track and achieve the changes and vision for the future that you desire.

Eight, Repeat the Process