"I just wanted to thank-you again for helping me out these last few months. It is often times difficult for me to see the progress I have made and with your help and guidance I truly see all I have accomplished. From day one, I look back and think of how I was all over the place. I want to thank-you for challenging me to put the book on hold and focusing on getting my business set up, I know in my heart it is truly the step I was and am still supposed to take in order for me to complete the book like I had planned."

Paula G, Life Coach

"...My team of three chose the task to condense the ideas and make succinct statements that would fit our collective Vision and Mission Statements. During our Coaching Triangle team meetings we had a coach (Teresa Belluz) who helped us move along to produce the documents. Throughout our time together there was opportunity to problem solve other issues that arose in a productive, constructive, respectful manner. I looked forward to our meetings and thoroughly enjoyed them as they indeed proved that “Communication is mightier than the pen or sword”."

Angela Spencer, RM, Division of Midwifery, UBC

"Teresa is an amazing individual and an inspirational coach. I would attend any event Teresa was organizing."

Lily FarrisimPROVE Facilitator, PHSA

"I truly believe that our brief time together helped transform me into a leader! Thank you for all of the support that you provided. I still have the judger path diagram on the wall in front of my desk."

Prentice GA/Team Leader

"You helped me more than you may realize, to gain confidence and clarity. Your skilled yet gentle questioning nudged the answers out of me...and your expertise in listening was so apparent by bringing me back to key words that held clues to a piece of my puzzle."

Julie Collette, Parent in Residence - The F.O.R.C.E. Society for Kids' Mental Health