• Sunday Space: No Regrets

    "Road to No Regret": Phillipe Sainte-Laudy

    I am quickly approaching my fiftieth year and I seem to be even more introspective than usual. Never mind that every chronological milestone is now overshadowed by the events of "9/11" also known as September 11th or MY birthday. However, birthdays, especially double-digit changeovers, provide us with an opportunity to take stock on where we're at in life, to examine the triumphs, obstacles and experiences that got us to right now.

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    More to the point, I have been thinking about what it means to live a life without regret. Every now and then I find myself criticizing or judging myself for the choices and actions I have taken in my life, engaging in the language of "shoulda", "coulda", and "woulda". Ugh...just writing those words has a deflating effect.

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    Today, in honour of my up and coming birthday, I am taking note of the defining moments from the past 10 years. My successes, challenges, and stuff yet to be discovered. I will be asking myself "what have I learned and how I have changed as a result?", and then I'm going to start defining what the next 10 years of a life without regret will look like.

    Thought Challenge: So, tell me...what does it mean to you to live a life fulfilled? How will you accept all that you have been and done? What does it take to live a life without regret? How will you know?

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